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Why are some people Left Handed? - James May Video

Lefties are the devil's minions :p


In all seriousness -- As a drummer a level of ambidexterity is just required to play.. 2 hands to feet going at same time.. you have no choice. To enhance whichever side top or bottom (hands or feet) is not as strong as the other.. I'll reverse my playing completely and use the least proficient limb where the dominant normally would go - It really helps in developing more of a 50/50 balance of ambidexterity which is pretty much invaluable with an instrument like the drums Smile -- I'd say I'm probably around 60/40 on dominance -- close,.. but interestingly the brain learns SO fast.

I can switch up the slightly weaker hand over to the hi-hat and other areas it wouldn't normally be on constantly riding.. and within an hour of playing a noticeable difference is seen. The next day doing it again you can see new neural pathways have already been created in the brain as you immediately feel more control with it even without warming up --

A lot of people are right or left handed.. and their other hand is almost completely neglected through life -- Ask them to do simple tasks with it and it's a disaster.. To me, I will write with both hands.. sometimes at the same time (that's tough lol).... I'll be cognizant of which hand I'm favoring for a task and switch it over and so on -- to promote a more equal use of the limbs. Seems like such a waste to sort of leave your non dominant hand/arm back in 1st grade while the dominant one has a Doctorate and Medical degree. Smile

Though most people don't care.. or bother to think about weird things like this I suppose. (They are getting by just fine the way it is.. so why bother?) -- I dunno, to challenge yourself? Because it encourages neuroplasticity in the brain without doubt,.. ? Because it's nice not to have your non dominant limb(s) not be retarded (no offense) Smile .. hehe

How the hell I've fit in so well through life with this 'different' brain of mine is beyond me (another topic/subject though).

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