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Best-Of Marathons
In regards to comedians/panelists.

For example: Best of David Mitchell, with a good mix of his best QI, WILTY, Big Fat Quiz, Peep Show, etc. appearances in maybe a 8-ish episode run. The best episodes can be decided by polls on the forums.

Thats just an rough example, but I think the idea wouldn't be too hard to put into action.
Been watching this stream a lot, and thought I might as offer some ideas.
This is a fun idea. I remember long ago talking about doing marathons of actors on QI, but I like the idea of mixing up the shows. EVERYTHING David Mitchell!

On the surface, I also really liked the idea of the polls to determine what makes the marathon, but I think it would be difficult to remember which episodes were better than others without posting links and watching them on YouTube or something, which seems counterproductive. ?

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I like the idea of taking a funny guy.. ie: Sean lock.. or David Mitchel.. Even Jimmy carr -- and I'll put together all the episodes of QI, 8/10, 8/10 countdown, WILTY, and so on that have that particular person. I think most viewers won't get it unless it's plastered on the video with an overlay saying something like "David Mitchell Compilation" or something clever. I can see them being like.. why are you playing this stuff so randomly?

I remember a long while back I tested taking QI alone.. and playing it on Random. People DID NOT like it not going in order.. at ALL. lol.. I re-tested it several different ways.. even manually randomizing (took hours) days worth of episodes instead of letting VLC randomize which can sometimes allow an episode to play again before all have been played. People like at least one full season to play IN ORDER of anything.

That said,.. I'm still going to do this conglomeration/aggregate of episodes from multiple shows based on specific character.

I'll put up a poll here with some names for people to vote on.

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