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Life Expectancy - 2015!
Life expectancy is an interesting subject.. and it's been going up for 100+ years..

The life expectancy right now in Monaco is almost 90! -- For the US it's almost 80.

[Image: Life_Expectancy_2005_2010_UN_WPP_2006.jpg]

This page shows the life expectancy across the world.. ranked 1 - 228. Check it out!


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Yeah baby YEAH, gonne be 81.33 years old.
Beat that with your 79 Americans. Tongue
hehe.. Life expectancy now isn't what we will have when we are that age -- at current rate (with no tech/medical advances at all) it will go up another 10 years or so over the next 40 years at least. Over the next 20-30 years we're going to see a lot of medical tech/breakthroughs that should have a fairly significant alteration to life expectancy -- they are working on it from a lot of different angles. SENS research is a very interesting organization tackling the entire aging process as the 'disease' that it is (we don't really look at it as a disease, but that's precisely what it is in our bodies from a very early age.. we start slowly dying from a very young age, basically, technically, it starts at birth.

The number of years we have on this planet doesn't bother me that much (though I think living to be 150 or so would make more sense if you can think 'outside' the box a minute) -- but what does bother me is the decline of function, quality of life, health, brain function, vision, mobility, and on and on that well just continually lowers a persons quality of life usually starting to be noticeably in one's 50's.. but with disease processes some young people 20's/30's can unfortunately have to deal with this stuff before they really get going in life. It's this kind of crap we need to be able to fix -- as well as have REAL solutions for mental illness,.. not the BS worthless (nearly) crap we have now -- Mental illness is nothing more than the Brain being 'ill'/sick - to varying degree's.. slight depression, slight anxiety.. to really life altering situations like schizophrenia etc. Most everyone has to deal with it to some degree in one way or another throughout life, and generally prominent at some point in their life, at least for a while.
We have to shift our focus off psychiatry, and that pseudo-science -- and shift mental illness to neurology -- to correcting the brain. If we had started with neurology/the brain 60 years ago for mental illness,.. life would be a lot different for a lot of people right now (for the better, imo).

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