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GTA V Release Data and Time Confirmed - Servers open earlier for USA.
Yeah it's a pricey game.. that's really the only hesitation I had a few weeks back.. at $59.99 a pop it's basically the upper eschelon of price point for any game --- BUT.. that said, it's arguably the best game coming out for the PC by a longshot. I don't care what games you like.. it is so diversified and HUGE that most people can enjoy it. They spent all this time on amping up the games engine, (code), and essentially spending a great deal of unexpected time re-doing a lot of the graphics for the PC release because they found once they allowed it to run on what PC's are capable of.. Say a high end graphics card.. nice CPU and so on -- That MANY more imperfections were noticeable at the higher resolutions (ie: Aliasing, etc) .. So they had to go back in and literally get the 3D Design team to rework the art work and rendering above and beyond the already planned polishing of the game since even a low end PC is still more capable than the latest gen Consoles.

(I've nothing against consoles.. it's just the way it is.. and will be for the foreseeable future)

But back to my point.. which is why I said F it.. I'm going to play this game, and honestly it's well worth the $60 (really alot more than that given how much entertainment can you get if you disclude gaming for $60? An hour? A few hours? ).. That's the most rational argument I think there is.. is the bang for buck for something like this is phenomenal. In fact, a good argument can be made that buying a game like this will save you money. IE: Instead of going out on X or Y day to a bar or whatever.. having a $150+ tab (depending).. you played the game with friends etc.. The more you do this the more it is saving money you would otherwise be blowing on intangible items.

Of course there is the argument of not gaming TOO much and all that.. but I think as long as you aren't living your every waking moment in WoW or some similar role playing game.. you're probably fine. Cool

Mutley still says he doesn't know when he will buy it.

To me, again, the price isn't going to move.. not by much.. for a LONG ass time.. We already know due to the console release a long while back that it's a great game.. so it's almost a no brainer if you have a half way decent PC. If you aren't a "gamer" then well that's understandable.

Speaking of that I just looked at stats and the age groups 18-46 share the highest percentage of "gamers" at 63% of all people aged 18-46 are gamers (play at least once a week or more).. That was interesting to me.. but not shocking as people in their 40's now are of a different generation than those in their mid and late 50's and older. I fully expect people in their 20's and 30's now will be playing games in their 60's.. we'll see.

I think we'll have a blast playing together .. probably having some of the most fun just dicking around in the game environment.. trying to do silly stunts, flying crap around.. blowing each other up sneakily lol.. and whatever Smile

Also what is nice about GTA V is it's sort of an anyone can have fun type of game. You don't have to be some uber skilled gamer to be good at it.. If your aim is not so good.. meh.. your friends will help and it'l be funny watching the person who can't fly the helicopter and/or has bad aim Smile

Anyhow it begins Monday night.. I have a feeling it will be surprisingly stable overall on the launch.. with some minor fixes over time for the PC launch.

Also.. took a second to find a reliable source of info on how many players the PC GTA 5 will support at once.. But it's 30.

Which is good.. The Xbox 360 only supported 16 at any one time.. so I'm glad they bumped it. Though like denny I'm a little surprised it isn't considerably higher.. or even only limited by the host of the game/server. Denny is an admin for the old San Andreas and it supports up to 500 players (if a server can handle it lol).. but 30 is fine. May actually be good not to be hundreds.. as I know if you play in the open world with friends or not.. that on consoles most of the people are dbags lol.. and just kill each other constantly.. We'll see how the PC audience does.

Have you watched much gta 5 play on youtube or anything? Or are you mostly in the dark about it?

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I had played gta v when it released on PS3. I liked it. I actually talked my mom into buying a PS3 a couple years back and then convinced her to buy the game. I've nerded out my parents and they also play now. But my nephews play over there as well, and I don't think that's an appropriate game for them. But I'm not their mother to say no.

I've loved the gta games since San Andreas. I actually still have the box set with liberty city and all of the others for ps2 sitting around here somewhere. When I was in high school I would go to this house all the time where they would have parties, and while everyone else was getting drunk, I was sitting on the couch playing gta beating their game for them. (Super social butterfly)

I'm not quite sure how the online gaming works. I've never tried it. I tried setting up my pc so I could play the San Andreas game on Denny's server, but it wasn't compatible with windows 8 (the game nor the rockstar online). Once I finally worked it out so I could start up everything for windows 8, it would never let me get into his server. I wonder if all servers are open or if we are able to do like we can in burnout to make it a private game with only us QI people? Not that I mind new people joining, I just think it would be fun playing with just the handful of us that own the game. Which is already quite a few of us- you, dboone, anti, 12, al, bill nye, moe (even though I never see him on qi anymore), and myself. I might be missing a couple even.

I'm sure mutley will suck it up and buy it to be able to join us asap. Plus I would hate for him and Denny to feel left out when we all run off to play.

I've been trying to tell people to go to this site that will check your computer and tell you if your computer is compatible enough to run whatever game you are looking at, and if not, it will tell you what needs updated to run on it's minimum. 12 makes his computer sound old, so I'm not sure what he's got going on in that thing. He keeps saying mine won't handle it since pd2 crashes, but I know it will. It's the game that crashes, not my pc. My pc specs- [Image: 8a8a9af8017f331ffa203e76ce182060.jpg] Pretty sure I will be fine

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Your computer specs are closer to high end.. You will have zero issues playing GTA V or any other game for that matter. i7 CPU, 12 GB of Double Data Rate "3" 1600Mhz with low CAS latency RAM.. an Nvidia GTX 750 Dedicated video card.. you're set. Smile

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