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Payday Hack
LOL. The hack has , as you can see in the screen shots.. maybe 100 options to change just about everything, .. I pick ammo and health.. Of which I have to manually press a button (I could turn that off to, and be in "god mode") -- but I keep it on the button press. lol..

When I go down (I chose to wear a suit on a loud heavy mission and stood in the street with god knows how many respawning Cops, Bulldozers, tazers, ninjas, etc..) -- So my health would drop in half with one hit sometimes.. If you saw me drop.. I went back up by the same button that restores health.. If I hit it too late.. I stay down . Smile

If you guys really have a problem with me using the button to stay alive .. which allows me to go get someone else up even if they are surrounded by 35 enemies.. say so! I'll happily turn it off, and go back to shooting innocent civilians to raise alarms Smile

No really, I don't , or haven't yet, .. played this game a lone.. so I've played it now 6 occasions total with you guys. I don't know the maps, I know one map A to Z so far and that's the Bank with the two bitch tellers who have ninja reflexes to press the panic buttons.. (Bank manager for the key card.. upstairs).. ECM rush.. with the vault. The other maps I get the idea as we go along which most involve killing a bunch of people while holding F on object A, B, C, , D, then E.. over time.. while moving across the map.. Getting some drugs or money.. and leaving in a Truck or Helicopter. Smile

The only other objective I remember is stealing Jewelry.. then we daisy chain the loot out the door load up the van and take off.

And Mutley -- Hacks do make games boring. They ruin them for the person play AND the other people in many games. This game is not a game like a FPS where you can ruin the game for the other players by one shotting them with an auto-aim hack.. seeing them through building, etc.. It's a team co-op. Smile I know you're joking,.. as am I.

But in all seriousness, if it annoys any one playing that I am replenishing my health instead of dieing.. just say so, it doesn't bother me to turn it off. Smile

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I added your hack to mine. Oh my. There is so much stuff to choose from. But it would make it way too easy if more than one or two were selected. Thank you so much for sharing the hack, though! It is better laid out than the one I had originally. Smile

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Pleasure.. just made a few changes to the code to make it "undetectable" in so much as the game doesn't know you are hacking/cheating. Of course it's overtly obvious when playing with strangers. Though when 12 invited 2 strangers the first time I used it (silly idiot).. one didn't say anything the other just wanted to know where to get it lol..

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