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Tips for Creating "Lost" Room on your Iphone
I've been noticing for a while that my iPhone has mysteriously been getting lower and lower on space despite any applications I deleted, photo's I deleted from my camera etc.

Well, I found what was taking all this space up (for me).

This is a common issue for many people,.. If you happen to use your Photo Stream (The thing that automatically uploads new photos and sends them to all your "iCloud Devices" when connected to WiFi) and like it.. then this won't likely help.

But if you are like myself, and only want the photo's you keep on your camera roll and don't want deleted photos to remain around forever, hidden in the phone taking gigs and gigs of space -- This may help you out.

I have an Iphone 5 as my primary Cell phone right now. Which is just 16GB of space,. which is plenty for me.. but it had gotten down to this today:

[Image: jphone_before.jpg]

Not good.

When I was finished it ended up here: (And I didn't delete anything I had)

[Image: jphone_after.jpg]

So 4 Gigs of space just in the land of voodoo essentially. (As with any drive.. the more space free, the quicker the drive and device).

So first the main culprit.

Your photostream! -- Who needs it? I don't. My camera roll pictures are all I need,..

So go to Settings then "Photos & Camera" as shown here:

[Image: 17249620442_0534f0cccc_o.png]

Then slide the "My Photo Stream" to OFF -- As shown here:
[Image: 16628903034_734c46a571_o.png]

This is going to prompt you to delete -- YES!

Once you do this.. wallah, if your phone was like mine.. All those pictures from a year+ ago that you deleted are gone! You can go back in your "photos" button and also make sure your deleted photos are cleared out permanently if needed.

I thought perhaps the voice messages were taking up a lot of space, as I have a lot I keep saved -- So I backed those up to my computer with a great program called iExplorer -- It's not free,.. but just go to your favorite site and search it and it's easy enough to download. With iExplorer you can export your voicemails (and a ton of other stuff) in seconds to your hard drive.. then just delete your voice mails (and anything else) and not lose them.

A problem some have is they try to clear all on the deleted voicemails and it won't work. The fix is to simply reboot (hard restart) the phone.. and then go clear all..

Lastly,.. there is a free program that will clean up useless cache files, and other such space consuming files automatically --

This is called CopyTrans Control Center

It does a lot more than just this cleanup (which is the "beta" part of it) -- but I gained a half Gigabyte just from trash that needed to be cleaned up.

You can find and download that program here:


Hope that helps someone out there... regain some of the disappearing space. Smile

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