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GTA V - Screenshots
Meth3rlence Flying Serotoninx (Feld), Chromatic, and Brandymarie in a Helicopter -- Looks like he has a devious plan in mind...

[Image: 1_Chopper_Meth_Serotoninx_brandy_chrome.jpg]

Ahhhh.. Yes,.. He done did it Wink

[Image: 2_Yup_Meth_crashed_Wasted_screen.jpg]

Chromatic's best representation of his 350Z using the game...

[Image: 3_Chromatic_s_Real_Life_Car_350_Z.jpg]

The planet's align,.. Chrome wins a Race! -- With a proper Fuck You Smile

[Image: 4_Chrome_Wins_a_Race_Sport_Bike.jpg]

Lester the Molester gives us his cane.  We pass it around in disgust,.. Brandy has it here, and the look in her eye seems like she is about to hit Serotoninx (Feld) Smile

[Image: 5_Lester_Cane_Passing_L_R_Chrome_Brandy.jpg]

The 5th and Final Heist -- Pacific Standard -- We are all to get on our "Seashark" water crafts... only one team member seems to have trouble swimming... lol..

[Image: 7_Pacific_Standard_Heist_Signal_Wait_for_tea.jpg]

Still on the final heist... Saminga, Chromatic, Meth3rlence, and Serotoninx (Feld) are all crammed in one car -- Notice the chat on the right by Feld.

[Image: 8_On_pacific_standard_heist_Saminga_Chrome_S.jpg]

Seven of the Qi Gangsta's crew are online -- Trying to get everyone in one spot for a simple screenshot is harder than it sounds.  Here is the best I got of Mr_Haney, BrandyMarie3, Chromatic, Serotoninx, Saminga, PipiBug1, and Meth3rlence -- Notice PipiBug1 can't stand still, and is attempting to stab Meth.

[Image: 10_seven_Qi_Crew_online_Trying_screenshot.jpg]

With the Seven of us... General Chaos ensues...

[Image: 12_General_Chaos_in_Freemode_with_Haney_Chrome.jpg]

On the last heist,.. The Pacific Standard Job -- There is a final jump with the getaway bikes --

[Image: 14_Final_Bike_JUmp_of_The_Pacific_Standard_Job.jpg]

The Qi Crew getting away after Bike jump on the Pacific Standard Job.. in Water.

[Image: 15_Making_getaway_from_Final_Heist_on_Dinghy.jpg]

Qi Gangsta Crew getting Paid in our accounts by Lester

[Image: 17_Final_Heist_getting_Paid_with_Lester_LR.jpg]

After the Heist,.. it cuts to this screen -- Where Brandymarie says, oh hell no, to the attempted Fist Bump lol

[Image: 18_After_final_heist_Brandy_disses_a_Fist_Bump.jpg]

And... Success!!  The Qi Crew beats all the Heists -- Now we can play them all in any order.  Good job!

[Image: 19_Final_Heist_Completed_Screen.jpg]

We are having a 4 man Car Race here.. and BrandyMarie decides her best chances are to just run... lol!

[Image: 20_During_a_Car_Race_Brandy_decides_to_Hoof_It_l.jpg]

Doing the mission "Titan of a Job" -- With Chromatic, PipiBug1, DreadandAlive, BrandyMarie3, and MrM13D (aka: 12and35)

[Image: 22_Doing_Mission_flying_Titan_Chrome_Pipi.jpg]

For a daily mission -- Chromatic golfs in a suit?? -- lol..  As an aside, the games within the game are actually well done.

[Image: 23_Golfing_in_suit_Chrome.jpg]

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This screenshot was cool enough to be shown again...

Real Men Don't Look At Explosions.....

[Image: explosion_pipi_chrome_alist_sami.jpg]

QI Stream - www.Qinteresting.com

QI - Qinteresting Forum(s) - www.Qinteresting.com/forum/

weird graphical glitch that caused everything to look like it was under a black light.
[Image: 2015_05_13_00001.jpg]

[Image: 2015_05_13_00002.jpg]
weird logo on our cars...
[Image: 2015_05_11_00002.jpg]
lol.. Funny that Feld's Emblem spontaneously showed on the cars on your screen. Smile

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QI - Qinteresting Forum(s) - www.Qinteresting.com/forum/

Chromatic, Saminga, Dreadandalive, and Alister partying in the Apartment.

[Image: 01_Party_in_flat_Chrome_saminga_dread_aliste.jpg]

Brandy traps Saminga under her Military Transport Truck!

[Image: 3_Brandy_in_her_military_transport_truck_traps.jpg]

Shower time!  -- Everyone jumps in the shower -- Bigsuaverab, Dennylouie, Saminga, Brandy, and Chromatic

[Image: 5_shower_time_rab_denny_saminga_brandy_chrome.jpg]

Party at Brandy's Pad! -- lol

[Image: 6_trashing_brandy_s_place_chrome_brandy_denn.jpg]

Epic Monster Truck Race with Haney, Chromatic, Alister, and more!

[Image: 8_better_monster_truck_race_haney_chrome_ali.jpg]

Brandymarie and Chromatic on the Fleeca Heist -- Brandy is on the Hack!  hahah.... (Took a while Smile )

[Image: 9_chrome_brandy_fleeca_hack_45_minutes.jpg]

Feld/Serotoninx challenges 12and35 to a race with a bet. Loser has to remain out of the stream for X amount of time.  Chromatic, Rab, and Denny are mere spectators in this.

[Image: 10_feld_and_12s_race_with_denny_chrome_rab.jpg]

QI Stream - www.Qinteresting.com

QI - Qinteresting Forum(s) - www.Qinteresting.com/forum/

great pics! love this game! Big Grin
hackers in a public lobby caused this chaos, also they dropped money bags for some and blew everybody up on the map at once.
[Image: 2015_05_27_00001.jpg]

[Image: 2015_05_27_00003.jpg]

[Image: 2015_05_27_00002.jpg]
That is one hilarious hack

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Nice screenshots.
Now let me show off some. Tongue Too bad my garages are full though.
And no more money so no X80 for me...

[Image: obJAOyr.png]
Very cool. What is that monitor on the right?

QI Stream - www.Qinteresting.com

QI - Qinteresting Forum(s) - www.Qinteresting.com/forum/


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