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The Library in the Next World
The Library in the Next World
From the Mind of Philip Miller

My eyes meagerly opened. What in the Hell?
I shuffled around. Old tile, dirty grout and grime.
I sniffed. Smells like...old.
I shook the dust off and stood up.
I searched.
It seemed to go on for almost miles and miles. Aisle after aisle. Where was I? I stopped to peek into an aisle. There were catalogs... It didn't make sense. I grabbed one at aisle 44. It read "S-125". I opened it up.
First page...it was in a language I didn't understand. But it seemed to be documenting a person's life. I flipped ahead. This time it was in German, old German. Still documenting a person's life. I flipped a chunk of the papers ahead. It read in English: Stephen ******* Born 1955 Died ****. Family listed as of now: ******** ********* ******. Mourned by: ****.
Wait. That's my name.

I don't think it's fair to you to start like this.
You don't know how I ended up here! Maybe that's an inside joke. We'll get to that sooner or later. My name is Steve. Stephen. Oh, whatever. You'll get over names by the time this comes this comes to an end.

The bustling streets of Chareltson is my home. I had the great idea to "make my way" in New York. That's why my family said at least.
Growing up in South Carolina has its benefits; I can shoot a deer blind. In the dark. Elementary, Middle, High School. There you go. I'm not going to bore you with some "I was bullied in school bullshit." We don't have time for that. College?
I went to Yale. Yeah, I know. Woopee. It's not all that it's cracked up to be. I'd probably get the same education at a Junior College...Oh wait, Community. It's a "Yale Thing".
What did I end up with? I ended up with a degree in Astrophysics. Neat, huh?
No, I don't live in a big ass house. No, I do not have a super model girlfriend. No, I've never been to the Moon. I work for a living. I'm not married. I have cats.
I look at the sky. Yes, the sky. That "really rad eclipse you saw". I know the date. That's what I do.
Now, let's not get too involved.

I dragged myself up the staircase to the fifth floor of my building. The elevator is broken. I moved to New York after college. An internship turned into real work. I twisted the key in the lock and swung the door open to my apartment.
Before I could even put my bag down the phone rang. I begrudgingly answered the phone. "Steve, you need to come back and see this. There's something uhhh out there. I...I don't know. Just get here." He hung up before I could respond. God damn it Jeff. I hoisted my bag up on my shoulder and turned out the door.

It's not finished by any stretch of the mind and it's rough but we'll get the section going.

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