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How to change your Signal Meter to Numbers (iPhone)
The Bars, or Circles/Dots on our phones are granular, they are ambiguous and not very accurate. Some phones have 4 bars, some 5 , some 8 etc. It's relative and doesn't necessarily accurately reflect your signal at any given time.

In less than 60 seconds you can change your phone's Signal Meter to a Numerical Reading that is much more sensitive and accurate/precise. This video applies directly to all iphones but Android phones can be changed as well.

I show you how to put your phone into what is called Field Test mode (Sounds scarier than it is.. doesn't change anything) and will put the numerical reading for your signal. You can then change from the dots/bars to the numerical reading by merely tapping on the signal meter area should you want to change it back and forth at any time.

The following video is fairly straight forward in how to do so with your iPhone - If you have any questions/troubles , or would like to know how to do this with another phone ask here or in the comment section of the video.


Take care,

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